About Company

“Aura”…a name born out of a thought of viewing and doing things differently! With aptitude and attitude in its groundwork, a bunch of young, talented and ambitious bohemians set up a communication hub

creating new dimensions for communication; Defining communication in a broader way (beyond the etymological one!) & giving you the most distinctive and affordable means of communication.

Our Services


“Aura” Communications creates the most effective and result oriented Ads for you.

Corporate Communications

Get strategically and professionally designed brochures, Stationery, company profile, leaflet and much more…


We have in-house Photography facility for various requirements of our clients.

Film Production

We are the masters in creating the most impactful of Audio Visual Communication.

Exhibition Stall

We offer integrated solutions for exhibition stall design right from concept to completion.

Web Media

“Aura” Communications makes your presence marked in the 'www' world!